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Do you already have an idea or even a concept for a metaverse project, but need a partner for its creative and/or technical implementation? Then you’re in the right place. We have a broad-based team with extensive experience who look forward to helping you with your metaverse project.

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Customer-specific metaverse experiences

Do you want to offer your customers, partners or employees a new experience in the metaverse and create your own space? Do you also have high security standards with regard to hosting and user management? No problem! We can provide the entire package, including conception, creation, implementation and hosting.

Branding in the metaverse

How do we transform our brand in the metaverse? Who do we want to attract and with which services? And how do we ensure that our brand remains consistent across all touchpoints, isn’t eroded and yet adopts channel-specific tonality and meets the high expectations of target audiences? Not an easy task – but a very exciting one, which we look forward to helping you with.

Events in metaverse

If you also want to reach your target audiences in the metaverse, you have to create convincing experiences. Events with specific themes and programs are ideal for this, just as they are offline. Art galleries can hold virtual exhibitions, for example – which could also be combined with an on-site preview. Bands from around the world can also perform concerts in the metaverse. Or experts can host podium discussions with interested guests in a new setting.


New touchpoints pose new challenges. Gamification is a big topic in the metaverse. It isn’t enough to simply create a space. Rather, an experience must be developed that makes use of the mechanisms of gamification. Metaverse Agency will be happy to help!

Meeting rooms

Meetings can also take place in the metaverse. VR opens up new horizons, including for companies. Thanks to our Metaverse Academy, we have the experience required to design use cases based on existing possibilities. Here are some of the possible use cases:

  • Knowledge transfer
  • Remote meetings
  • Workshops
  • Brand experiences
  • Product launches
  • Entertainment
  • Gamification
  • Events
  • Press conferences

NFT / Web3

Web3 is a new iteration of the world wide web and is set to replace today’s internet. We regard this as an opportunity and are helping companies and brands to plan, design and implement this next step.

Real estate management

In some Web3-based metaverses, land can be purchased and managed. Land is deliberately limited and designated into plots with unique coordinates. Land is purchased via a marketplace using the respective metaverse token. Technically, the purchased land is an NFT stored in the buyer’s wallet. Why do we need land? Because you can only create a venue in the metaverse if you own or rent land. Options include branch offices, campuses, event locations, concert halls, museums, galleries, etc. Programming and 3D modeling skills are required for this.

Tracking & analysis

An important principle of Web3 is that data sovereignty remains with the user. There is no need for users to register for Web3-based metaverses and therefore disclose any data. Instead, they connect to the respective platform using a crypto wallet. The only data that is visible is the wallet address (public key) and IP address. This information can also be used to evaluate metrics, such as gamification participants, visitors to a venue, number of claimed wearables, etc.

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